Marketing Math for Biz Owners in 2021

The Plug & Play Formulas Behind Reliably Predicting Sales Growth, Organic Social Reach & Ad Spend

[that Work for Every Business]

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It seems crazy to me every time I write this, but, over 20+ years, I've built multiple corporations, businesses with 7 figure sales, sole proprietorships, non profits, event franchises and online communities. No angel investors. No bank loans. Just bootstrapping 💪, killer content marketing, and a hell of a lot of DIY🤓!

Here's what drove all that growth:

➡️ Every time I would go into squirrel mode (or panic mode), I'd stop, take a breath and go back to basics. To the math. ⬅️

The very same math, the basic, plug & play formulas I'll be walking you through in this Mini Masterclass :)

These is Mini Masterclass is definitely for you if...

✅ You feel like you're just treading water in biz right now

✅ You're ready to level up and go bigger. It's time.

✅ You want to know how much you can achieve with organic vs paid advertising

✅ You want plug & play formulas that will work for your business and your industry.

You have marketing or biz strategy questions

Zoom. Spreadsheets. Sarcasm. Breakthroughs. Occasional f bombs. Coffee.

You should come.

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