Anti-Corruption Framework: 16 Step Approach to Identify and Prevent Corruption Risk

A Leaders Guide to Identify and Prevent Future Corruption Risk

Learn a new approach that will have a significant impact on your corruption risk! How To build an anti-corruption framework and capability with minimal cost and impact on an organisation's operations.

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What you will learn:

The simplicity of the 16 steps and how they can be introduced into your organisation.

How to identify data sources and the value of information collection to build your corruption risk assessment.

To introduce a prevention response and proactive detection techniques to identify and prevent corruption.

How to build an anti-corruption strategy, introduce performance measurement, and continual development of an anti-corruption framework and approach!

Presented by:

Steve Tosh

Steve has over 20 years experience within the field of procurement fraud and corruption investigation and risk mitigation. He has been involved in the development of national standards on Procurement Fraud, has headed many high value and complex global investigations and currently works with global clients in the design and implementation of risk mitigation frameworks. He was the lead author in the draft of British Standard BS10501: Guidance on Implementing Procurement Fraud Controls and has designed and provided training courses across the globe in these areas of expertise. He also writes a blog for Global Risk Alliance Ltd on the global threats from procurement fraud and corruption.

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