“A Conversation to

Empower Your Kids this School Year”

The school year has begun and you want your kids

to have a great year!

We look forward to having this conversation

so that we can help you empower

your kids to thrive this school year!

Join us and also receive a FREE license of a powerful tool for reading!

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Presented by:

Kathleen McClaskey

Kathleen McClaskey, M.Ed. (@khmmc) is CEO and Chief Learning Officer of Empower the Learner, LLC and co-author of bestsellers Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning. Kathleen is passionate in empowering ALL learners to thrive with tools, skills and practices so they become self-directed learners, learners with agency, who are future ready for college, career and life.

Julie Hartman

Julie is a Certified Life Coach, Strategist and Teacher of Mindfulness and Meditation. Through the span of 20 plus years, she has dedicated her work to studying, researching, learning, and practicing the elements and tools that support positive self-development, empowerment and personal transformation.

Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles

Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles, Ph.D. ATP is an accessibility accomplice providing training, support, and consultation to organizations around Assistive Technology, Accessible Educational Materials, and Universal Design for Learning.She is also an adjunct faculty member for the University of New England’s graduate certification programs in inclusion, as well as the University of Maine at Farmington’s graduate programs in Special Education.

We will have a conversation about…

The struggles your kids had in learning over the last 18 months!

How to take the struggle out of learning and reading so your kids can thrive and succeed in school!

How to use two tools so that your kids can be more independent in reading!

Our commitment to help your kids go from “Tears to Cheers”!

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