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Why productivity gurus hate me right now...for spilling the beans on their big secret!

And how I used this hidden knowledge to make "The Switch" in how I deal with a lack of improvements or the recurrence of overwhelm, inbox overload, procrastination and other symptoms.

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Are you a productivity enthusiast who has already made a number of improvements to your task management?

But you have also noticed that your improvements haver stalled OR symptoms which should have disappeared have returned...like stress, distractions, multi-tasking and inbox overwhelm!

Now, are you ready to explore:

Why most gurus' books on productive task management are no longer useful to you (or them)

Why you will never escape the unwanted symptoms of poor task management, no matter how many improvements you make (...a good sign!)

Why it's time to make "The Switch" from depending on others' advice to gaining critical insights based on your self-diagnosis

Why having even one Type A tendency (e.g. ambitious, driven, time-conscious, organized) drives you to need custom insights (i.e. Pareto Improvements) faster than others

Presented by:

Francis Wade

Hi and welcome. I'm the owner of 2Time Labs and MyTimeDesign, where we research and implement the next generation of task management improvement methods. I was trained as an Operations Researcher at Cornell then worked for AT&T Bell Labs, before starting my own company and writing Perfect Time-Based Productivity.