Learn amazing tips to increase your productivity in less than an hour!

Get the tools you need to stop feeling stuck, and start feeling productive as an entrepreneur!

You've got great ideas, you have goals, you know there are only 24 hours in the day and you're putting in the work- but it doesn't seem to be enough. If you're ready to learn how to get more done while not doing even more than you currently are - keep reading.

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What you will learn:

 Using systems instead of only goals to increase your success and happiness

7 ways to wake up early, and why that's an important part of being productive

How distractions get the best of us, and tips to cut them out of your daily routines

The best way to prioritize your day to get the most done, but also feel the best about what you've accomplished

Presented by:

Ayanna Coleman

Ayanna Coleman is the founder of Quill Shift LLC. She has spoken at conferences in front of hundreds, crafted panels and programming for myriad audiences, and connected with organizations and individuals within the education, consumer and professional services, media, nonprofit, and financial industry groups. Through it all, she found her passion in supporting entrepreneurs and growth-stage organizations to elevate their voices and find the tools and systems that work for them so that they can make their dreams and missions a reality.

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