As a productivity enthusiast, do you ask yourself whether or not you are using the best contexts or tags for your tasks? They're the key to being effective with GTD - you are told. But should you find a better way? Are you wasting time tracking them? If you don't use them, should you?

Register for this webinar replay and enjoy an advanced discussion on the pros and cons of using contexts and/or tags.

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What you will hear:

Why contexts are just a modified form of tags.

Why technology has rendered some contexts obsolete, but has made tags more important.

Why task volume should shape your choice of contexts and/or tags, especially if you are an ambitious person.

Presented by:

Francis Wade

Hi and welcome. I'm the owner of 2Time Labs and MyTimeDesign, where we research and implement the next generation of task management improvement methods. I was trained as an Operations Researcher at Cornell then worked for AT&T Bell Labs, before starting my own company and writing Perfect Time-Based Productivity.